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Winter in The Bahamas

Having spent the summer and fall in Tampa Bay (catch up here), it was time to get moving on our late start to the season. It was now early December, and with Omicron heating up, we knew border restrictions would be increasing and so we wanted to get to The Bahamas as quickly as we could. But a serious lack of wind was causing waves of fog to cover Tampa Bay and the west coast of Florida all morning for days on end. Eventually, we just had to go for it and carefully navigate in the heavy fog. This means

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Our Summer in St. Pete

We arrived to St. Petersburg in mid May from our passage from Puerto Rico with our friend Rollo (catch up here). We would be spending the entire summer, and most of fall, at the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina. We looked forward to a long time of catching up with family and friends! We spent the first few days getting settled into city life again and giving Galatea a really thorough cleaning; she was absolutely covered in salt after nearly 1,500nm at sea since her last bath a few weeks ago. And then, it was Frank’s birthday! After a slow morning

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Deep Dive: Bees on a Boat

As described in our last blog post, we’d been anchored in Puerto Real for several days awaiting our upcoming weather window to make the 925 mile, 6-day passage from southwest Puerto Rico to Key West, Florida. We’d been preparing for this passage for some time, and we had our window – several days of agreeable weather for the long journey. But then, on the eve of our journey, a swarm of bees decided Galatea would make a fit new home. But we weren’t prepared for stowaways. We couldn’t do enough for that swarm of bees, who in hindsight were a

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